Unconventional Strategy Unlocks Genetic Code To A Strong Metabolism

Unconventional Strategy To Boost Your Metabolism

You’re probably wondering what the meaning of the image above is, and what exactly the “700{cbf96b993957273a3e84181df1f6ae71c5aa097926251c17efa9c36ab7f5d6d9}” the girl eating the cup cake and the girl standing next to her have in common is…

lose weight without difficult exercise verygoodme.comAnd I am going to get to that real quickly.

I want to start out by saying, I understand how it feels to be over 40, and to have tried countless times to shed the pounds, and look like the best version of you that you know lives inside you.

The one that feels good in her skin, and confident when you catch the eye’s of those around you, knowing they see that version of you that looks and FEELS good.

I bet you’ll relate when I say, I’ve seen so many versions of diets that it’s truly enough to leave a person confused and wondering which way to go.

Before we get to the meaning of the image, and what I learned that makes it possible to start feeling better as early as today, and really seeing results by tomorrow, I want to remind you of a few simple things you probably already know about, but you may not be doing.

If you are doing these things, great!

You’re probably already on your way to getting back into your favorite dress, or pair of jeans, and what you’re going to learn in a minute could be the little boost you need to take you all the way back.

So real quick, I know you’re probably like me, and on an intuitive level, you already know a lot you could do to get back the body you know you can have.  You know what I mean…

That little voice that’s telling you the smart things to do or not to do, you know are true.  These are some of those things.

6 Quick Reminders To Rev Up Your Metabolism Starting Today!

1. Drink more water. I know it’s simple, but it’s foundational, and it will boost any other effort you make to shed those extra pounds.

It’ll also make you feel better.

Contrary to popular believe, as long as it’s on an empty stomach, try drinking 16 to 24 ounces of water 5 – 10 minutes before you eat. Do the same when you get up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night.

2. Get enough sleep. There’s nothing like a good night’s rest to help you keep your metabolism on high.

3. Eat slowly and appreciate your food.  You’ll enjoy it more, and your body will have the chance to signal you when it’s had enough.

You’ve probably heard it’s more about the time you spend eating than the amount you eat.

4. Move your body. It’s not necessary to do crazy cardiovascular exercise, but it is important to get your body moving.

Brisk walking is something that get’s you breathing in more fresh air, which also boosts your metabolism and amplifies your other efforts.

5. Make a decision to do what it takes, and follow a good plan. I’ve learned that making the decision is sometimes the hardest thing to do, and taking the leap by letting someone know you’re going to do it, and exactly when you’re going to start, is truly a big step.

I know it helps to have KNOW exactly what to do, and that’s what the image at the top of this page is about. (We’re almost to that.)

6. Find a friend that wants to shed the extra pounds as much as you do. Having someone to share your experience with makes is more fun, and easier to stick with.

I know you’ve heard all or most of these before, and maybe a lot of times, but they are the basics, and sometimes we just need a reminder.

So let’s get back to that image and what it means for you.

There are 2 girls, and one is obviously in good shape, as you can see because she’s standing up.

The other girl is eating a cupcake, guilt free, because of what she knows that you’re about to know. Her metabolism is as strong as her friend’s that is standing next to her.

The 700{cbf96b993957273a3e84181df1f6ae71c5aa097926251c17efa9c36ab7f5d6d9} is the amount each of them have increased their number 1 fat burning hormone by.

Yes, the image of the girls is an illustration, but it represents many women that have already learned this, basically pain free, way of getting the body they new they could and should have.

As you’ll soon discover, this information has been difficult to get a hold of because many people in the diet industry don’t want you to know about it.

They’ve even attacked the method that’s being revealed to you to make you THINK it’s controversial or dangerous, although it’s definitely not!

It’s something I’ve found you can do without discipline, without starving or counting calories and without all the strict rules.

You don’t even have to give up cup cakes or any of your favorite foods.

What’s even better is this; There are surprising health benefits that come with it.

2 of those are increased brain function and renewal of your body at a cellular level.

I bet you’re like me and you’ve seen, and maybe tried, countless diets without the results you were hoping for.

I feel very good about letting you in on this because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I also think you’ll be excited about starting right away, and you can.

It’s not hard to do, and after reading the 1st couple of paragraphs on the page I’m about to share with you, I bet you’ll be very happy you found this article today.

If you’re a woman who’s struggled with weight loss, you really owe it to yourself to read what’s on the page you can find Right HERE!


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I hope you find this as refreshing and helpful as I did, because I thought it was very good.